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List of Legal Abbreviations, Part Five

Welcome back to our final blog post on legal abbreviations. If you missed previous blogs in this series, visit them below:

Legal Abbreviations | Wills Lawyer Cary NC

  • ©: Copyright
  • ®: Registered Trademark
  • 27A Twenty: Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • A.2d: Atlantic Reporter
  • 2d: Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series
  • ABA: American Bar Association
  • ACC: Association of Corporate Counsel
  • , ads., adsm.: ad sectam (Latin), at the suit of.
  • Admin. Code: Alabama Administrative Code
  • Code: Code of Alabama 1975 (unofficial text)
  • Alaska Admin. Code: Alaska Administrative Code
  • Alaska Stat.: Alaska Statutes
  • All ER: All England Law Reports
  • L.R.: American Law Reports
  • L.R.2d: American Law Reports, 2nd Series
  • L.R.3d: American Law Reports, 3rd Series
  • L.R.4th: American Law Reports, 4th Series
  • L.R.5th: American Law Reports, 5th Series
  • L.R.6th: American Law Reports, 6th Series
  • L.R. Fed.: American Law Reports, Federal
  • Jur.: American Jurisprudence
  • Jur. 2d.: American Jurisprudence, 2nd Series
  • Anor: Another
  • Admin. Code: Arizona Administrative Code
  • Admin. Reg.: Arizona Administrative Register
  • Rev. Stat.: Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Code: Arkansas Code
  • Art: Article
  • Asap: As soon as possible
  • Atty: Attorney
  • A.P.: Bankruptcy Appellate Panel
  • BFP: Bona fide purchaser
  • BR or B/R: Bankruptcy

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