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List of Legal Abbreviations, Part Four

Welcome back to more legal term abbreviations that can be used by an estate lawyer in Cary NC, court or other attorney during the time you're working with them on a legal situation.

Legal Abbreviations | Estate Lawyer Cary NC

  • c.: Chapter
  • cc.: Chapters
  • CA: Class action
  • CB: Casebook
  • CBJ: California Bar journal
  • CC: Commerce Clause
  • C: C: Counterclaim
  • CE: Collateral estoppel
  • CD:  Closing disclosure
  • CL: Common law
  • CNeg: Contributory negligence
  • CA #: Court of Appeals
  • Cx: Constitution
  • Cx: C: Cross: claim
  • Cxl: Constitutional
  • Cal. Code: California Code
  • Cal. Code Reg.: California Code of Regulations
  • CCR: California Code of Regulations
  • CIF: Coming into force
  • C.F.R.: Code of Federal Regulations
  • CFR: Call for Response
  • CJS: Corpus Juris Secundum
  • Cong. Rec.: Congressional Record
  • Ct. Cl.: the United States Court of Federal Claims Reporter
  • DAC: Days After Contract

These term abbreviations might be used in any number of legal documents and courts of law. If you're interested in learning more, visit with our next blog post. There, our estate lawyer in Cary NC will have more terms for you to get familiar with.

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