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List of Legal Abbreviations, Part Three

Our lawyer in Lawyer in Raleigh NC is back with more abbreviations that can help you with legal documents and other legal issues. If you missed our previous blogs, visit back with them for more!

Legal Abbreviations | Lawyer Raleigh NC

  • Π (Greek letter Pi): Plaintiff
  • QDRO: Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  • L.: Public Law
  • pp: Pages
  • PL: Public Law
  • 3d: Pacific Reporter, 3rd Series
  • 2d: Pacific Reporter, 2nd Series
  • 0: Page
  • pr: Pacific Reporter
  • Ors: other
  • NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • W.2d: North Western Reporter, 2nd Series
  • W.: North Western Reporter
  • E.2d: North Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series
  • E.: North Eastern Reporter
  • MSJ: Motion for Summary Judgment
  • MPC: Model Penal Code
  • MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
  • MIL: Motion in limine
  • LLP: Limited liability partnership
  • LLC: Limited liability company
  • L/C: Letter of credit
  • Ed.2d: Lawyers 2nd Edition
  • Ed: Lawyers' Edition
  • K: Contract
  • Jx: Jurisdiction
  • JU: disposed of by Judge
  • JNOV: Judgment notwithstanding verdict
  • JMOL: Judgment as a matter of law
  • JJ: Judges or Justices, plural
  • J: Judge or Justice, according to jurisdiction
  • ¶: Paragraph

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