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Make Time to Update Your Estate Plan in 2018, continued

Making changes and updates to your estate plan is extremely important. Sometimes, life gets hectic and people forget to notate the things that change. While it’s almost impossible to go through life without any change, it’s also something that many fail to document at times. Estate planning in Raleigh NC is ongoing. It is important to reflect changes in your plan that come about in your life.
Making an effort to update your estate plan at least once every two years is beneficial. That way, you can ensure that all changes are made, no matter what has happened in your life. Working with our estate lawyer, you’ll be able to document a marriage, divorce, newborn children, changes in property titles, retirement information, and much more.
In our previous blog post, we talked about a few of these changes that may need to be notated when estate planning in Raleigh NC. Today we continue this discussion.
Sometimes, life changes seem small or unimportant. However, things like purchasing a new boat or selling a vehicle should be reflected in your estate plan. It’s also important to consider the buying and selling of real estate, business dealings, and anything else that has been purchased or sold that has value.
It can be difficult to keep up with these changes. However, updating your estate plan to reflect these things will be beneficial in the event that you pass in an untimely manner. You will not have to worry about leaving your loved ones with an outdated estate plan that could lead them to probate court. This can be an overwhelming, time-consuming situation that may also be costly. Working closely with our estate lawyer can ensure that your estate plan is valid and ready to be used.
If you are ready to start making updates to your estate plan call now to make an appointment with our lawyer. You will feel much better about things once you’ve taken the necessary steps to make changes to your estate plan.
In our next blog post, we will talk about a few more things that may need to be updated within your estate plan. Be sure to join us again soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about updating and estate planning in Raleigh NC or your current will, feel free to contact us.
Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC
There are many things to consider when planning your estate. We hope this information helps you better understand why working with an estate lawyer is a good idea. If you have more questions about estate planning in Raleigh NC, please contact our lawyer.
As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have concerning legal issues. Also, contact our estate lawyer to schedule a consultation if you have yet to start estate planning. If you don’t have an estate plan in place or haven’t reviewed yours in several years, now might be the best time to start. In addition to estate planning in Raleigh NC, our lawyer is here to help you with all your small business needs, trademarking, copyrighting, or other issues. Call now.

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