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More Possible Estate Planning Problems for Entertainers

Welcome back. Our entertainment attorney in Charlotte NC is back to discuss things that could happen should you pass without an estate plan in place and other estate planning issues entertainers can face. If you missed our previous blog, be sure to visit back with it soon.

Our Entertainment Attorney in Charlotte NC can Help!

Sometimes people with a lot of wealth may have difficulty finding trusted individuals to appoint as guardians of their estate. He or she may appoint someone who appears to have his best interests at heart, but may end up using their position for exploitation, especially in the case of an entertainer who is famous.


When someone creates an original work, he or she legally owns it. It cannot be used without his or her permission. When that person passes away, the work can be transferred to someone else, but generally the copyright is not unless it is specifically noted in the will. The same applies to patents and trademarks.
If an entertainer is concerned about the challenges he or she may face in creating an estate plan,  meeting with an entertainment attorney in Charlotte NC who understands entertainment law may be helpful. An attorney can offer services such as basic estate planning, collection of inventory, help with intellectual property rights, transfers of copyrights, asset transfers for tangible items, and distribution of wealth.
Hiring an entertainment lawyer could be beneficial to an entertainer in many ways. The entertainment industry is filled with contracts. Oftentimes, those that aren’t lawyers have trouble understanding the aspects of those contracts. An entertainer might benefit from having an entertainment lawyer look at the contract to make sure that it is in their best interest. An entertainment lawyer might even need to negotiate the contract on the entertainer’s behalf.

Entertainment Attorney in Charlotte NC

Entertainment lawyers might also be beneficial in an entertainment career to help with any legal problems that might be encountered, along the way. It’s our hope that legal issues never happen. In some cases, they may be unavoidable. It might be a good idea to have an entertainment lawyer for those times. Seeking the guidance of an entertainment attorney in Charlotte NC may help you avoid a greater legal problem in the future.

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