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More Resolutions for Small Business Owners

If you have been following this series, our lawyer in Raleigh NC has been talking about the things you should do as a small business owner in order to prepare for the new year. We talked about updates to make and a checklist of other things to do. Now we have even more resolutions that can help your business grow in the upcoming year.

Small Business Resolutions | Lawyer in Raleigh NC

Look at your marketing plan.
If you feel you are just not getting enough new customers take a look at how you are marketing your business. Do you even have a plan? If you have relied on word of mouth to get business, you may need to start developing a strategy to get your name out there. It does not have to be a large investment, either. If you are tech savvy, you can easily set up a Facebook page for your company, or add a blog to your website.
If you can afford to spend money on advertising, reach out to a local media outlet to start placing ads in magazines, newspapers, websites, or on television. Most media account executives can offer guidance to help you choose what works best for your type of company.
Join an association.
Almost every industry has an association, and most are local to your state. Look for one in your industry that offers its members services that would be useful to you. They can range from networking events to educational seminars to industry research resources to lobbying representation. In most cases, the cost of the yearly dues is minimal compared to the services they offer you as a member.
Attend trade shows.
Look for trade shows or events where you can set up a booth. This is a great way to get prospects and be able to show people firsthand what your product or service can do for them. Check with the local civic or community center to see if there are any events coming up in the new year. If you joined an association, they probably have a schedule of events like these, and may even be able to offer advice on which ones to attend, what to expect and even how to set up a booth.
Invest in learning.
Budget for education for you and/or your staff. In most industries, it is important to continue to learn about the business so that you can adjust your products or services to keep up with the times. If you have salespeople on staff, regular training on sales strategies can keep them from falling into a sales slump.
Work on your product or service.
Getting feedback from customers can help you learn how to best serve them. Plan to send quick surveys to regular customers in order to see how they feel about your business. You can use a free service that sends out emails to your clients, or you can ask for feedback in person through comment cards at your business. When you’re meeting with clients, instead of only focusing on selling them your product, ask them what they really think about what you are offering and how you can improve. They will appreciate knowing that you want to serve them better and you may learn something new.
If you have questions regarding legal issues for your small business that you want to resolve before the new year, call Eldreth Law Firm for an appointment with our lawyer in Raleigh NC. 

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