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North Carolina Elder Law: Planning for Nursing Home and Emergency Planning

In past blogs, we discussed the huge expense of nursing homes. Nursing homes can cost an average of $75,000 a year in North Carolina. This cost is significant to most people. Paying for nursing homes in North Carolina can be difficult. Your North Carolina Elder Law Lawyers at Eldreth & Eldreth, PC assist Seniors in paying for nursing homes.
Concerning paying for nursing homes North Carolina Elder Law Lawyers typically see two scenarios. In the first scenario, Eldreth & Eldreth, PC attorneys assist clients in planning to pay for nursing home costs. We call this a “pre-planning” situation. The second scenario involves assisting Seniors and their families after a Senior has moved into the nursing home or assisted living facility. This is called an “emergency planning” situation.
Although pre-planning often creates the best outcome, the North Carolina Elder Law attorneys at Eldreth & Eldreth, PC can greatly assist clients in both scenarios. Typically, the biggest difference between pre-planning and emergency planning deals with the amount of assets we may protect. With pre-planning, we will often be able to protect between 95%-99% of a Senior’s assets. However, even in times of emergencies, we can save a huge amount of one’s property. In either case, the protection of assets significantly decreases the burdens associated with paying for nursing homes.
If you want a greater understanding of paying for nursing homes, call your North Carolina Elder Law lawyers in Raleigh NC. For your convenience, our elder law consultations are free of charge. Or come back to our next blog where we will discuss things to avoid when planning for the costs of nursing homes.
Lastly, if you are interested in discussing other issues, including estate planning, probate, and business succession issues, please contact Eldreth & Eldreth, PC. We are here to assist your family protect their legacy.

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