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North Carolina VA Benefits Lawyer: Elder law for Veterans and Veteran Spouses

Our Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC deals with VA Benefits Wartime Pension. These benefits include a wartime pension. Many clients or their spouses have served during times of war. The wartime pension program may apply to these persons and may be used to pay for assisted living programs.
People often do not know that Veterans and their spouses are often entitled to a wartime pension. A wartime pension is often confused with other veteran affairs benefits programs, including disabilities related to military service. Additionally, having been discharged decades ago, Veterans often forget about this pension. The Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC want to provide important information and assistance regarding this benefit.
The wartime pension program was created to assist particular war Veterans and their spouses. These beneficiaries are typically limited to persons over 65 years old or persons with total disabilities. There are additional wartime pension requirements. Perhaps most important is that the Veteran served at least one day during a war time period. Other requirements will be addressed in later discussions.
The wartime pension program serves those Veterans who loyally served their country. The Eldreth & Eldreth Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC wishes to thank those esteemed Veterans and assist them and their spouses in obtaining wartime pensions.
For more help understanding, join our VA Benefits Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC for following discussions. We will address other requirements and how the wartime pension can assist our clients.
Also, if you have questions or concerns, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with a North Carolina VA Benefits lawyer. Our firm wishes to assist Veterans and their families, including estate planning, probate, or business issues.

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