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Update Your Beneficiaries

Failing to update your beneficiaries, or neglecting to name them altogether, may leave life insurance and retirement accounts to unplanned heirs. It can also create probate expenses and cause tax issues. You may have a solid will in place, but sometimes that will not help avoid these issues. The best safeguard is to contact an estate attorney to assist you in Continue Reading

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Ways to Avoid Infringement

Ways to Avoid Infringement Copyright Infringement is something that creators might worry with. Writers, composers, artists, and film directors, alike must be sure that their work doesn’t infringe upon that of another creator’s existing work. Should you be in the process of creating a work, the ideas below might help to keep you away from copyrighting and infringement issues along Continue Reading

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Am I at Risk for Infringement?

Lawyer in Raleigh NC: Infringement Writers have been known to use large portions from previously written works, without the author’s consent. Even when writers use only small excerpts of another author’s work, this crosses the line of infringement. Those that worry about the consequences of infringement, often wonder how a writer can use excerpts without disrespecting another one's work, or Continue Reading

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