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Preparing for a Child Custody Battle Part 1

Preparing for a Child Custody Battle | Attorney in Raleigh NC

Making the decision to end a marriage or relationship is never easy. It can consume our lives and cause stress and sadness. One thing that can make this overwhelming situation even worse is when children are involved. Fighting for custody is often more stressful and worrisome.
Custody battles through the court are emotional and frightening. You’re worried for your children and also concerned about whether or not you’re ready to raise children alone.
No one wants to lose their children in a custody battle, but often, sole custody is granted to only one parent, with the other receiving visitation or some other type of arrangement. Preparing for what’s to come to the best of your ability is a good idea, as the situation might be unpredictable at times.
Below, you’ll find several tips that might help you prepare for court. They’ll also help you keep your child’s best interests first and foremost.
Refrain from fighting with the other parent. It can be easy to look at them as the enemy in this situation. Try to think about the kids first. They won’t want to see their parents fighting. They don’t understand this process. They’ll be frightened and emotional. You can help them by not fighting with the other parent.
Children often blame themselves in this situation. They only see that their parents are arguing and mad. Kids always assume they’ve caused it.
Cooperating with the other parent in an adult way is best. Refrain from making offensive comments about them and try not to use derogatory language.
It’s possible that the court will award joint custody. This means you’ll have to arrange an agreement that might require you talking with the other parent each week. You’ll want to move on in a positive way, showing the kids you’re able to get along, as well as, love and support your children. The more stable and stress free you can make their environment, the better.
Child custody battles aren’t easy to deal with. They’re emotional and stressful. Be sure to visit back with us, soon, to learn more tips that can help you prepare for a custody hearing so that you’re able to keep your child’s best interests the main priority.
If you need more information on any of the topics above, or are considering a divorce, and need help with child custody or child support, contact our Raleigh child custody lawyer. We will set up a consultation with you to talk more about your options.

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