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Questions to Ask a Small Business Lawyer Before Startup, Part One

Startup Questions to Ask a Small Business Lawyer in Cary NC

You may be an expert in your business, but you might not know how to handle the legal side of things. That’s when a small business lawyer in Cary NC could come in handy. You may need contracts drawn up, or someone to review documents before sign them. Or you may need advice on taxes, state laws or liability issues. There are many reasons you may need a small business lawyer.
In this first post we offered tips on what to ask a potential lawyer in Cary NC. Once you have chosen a lawyer, there are probably many issues that you know you want to cover. You will probably get to work on those first. But, sometimes even the most savvy small business owner may overlook things that an attorney can help with. In this final post we’ll give you ideas of questions to ask that you may not have known to ask.
What records do I need to keep?
It is important to have accurate records in order to manage the financial aspects of your business. Ask your lawyer in Cary NC which documents are needed for tax purposes as well as liability. If you are ever faced with a lawsuit you will want to be prepared with the right information for your case.
What have I overlooked?
When you were planning your business, you probably tried to cover all the bases, but there could be areas you overlooked. After reviewing your business plan or other files and documents, see there are any areas you did not plan for or did not include.
How can I prepare for a lawsuit?
No one wants to get sued, but there is a chance it will happen. If your business grows, there is more of a chance because of increased clients, more employees and more activity within your business that could lead to a lawsuit. You and your lawyer should be able to prepare a plan of action if it were to happen.
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