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Preventing Copyright Infringement

Lawyer in Raleigh NC: Preventing Infringement

Copyright Infringement usually involves copying or using the intellectual property of another party, without permission to do so. Intellectual property law protects the creative expression of your ideas but not the idea itself. To get protection you must express your creativity in a tangible form, referred to as “works.” Your Raleigh copyright lawyer can help you. These creations can include:

  • Works of art
  • Photographs
  • Sculpture
  • New designs
  • Books
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays and scripts
  • Software code

(*This is a non exclusive list*)
Copyrighted works are protected so that others cannot use them in their own work, reproduce them, share them, or make alterations to them. For example, when an author copyrights his novel, poem, or other written work, he has the right protect that work and prevent others from using it or making changes to it. If that protection is violated, the infringer may be facing legal action and fines.
Sometimes, infringement may be committed unwillingly as writers don't mean to violate the copyright on a novel that they read years ago. To ensure that you do not accidentally infringe, it may be best to allow your entertainment lawyer to read over your written work before you publish it. Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, will be glad to read your work and help ensure you are not violating any intellectual property laws.
Copyright Infringement | Lawyer in Raleigh NC
It's easy to make mistakes. Don't allow those mistakes to create problems for you in the future. Contact us for more information about our infringement services provided by our Raleigh copyright lawyers, and other services that may be of use to you or someone you know.

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