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Should I Hire a Small Business Lawyer as a New Business Owner? Part One

If you’re just starting out in the world of owning a small business, congrats! It’s an exciting and rewarding time. It can also be difficult and overwhelming. Owning your own business comes with a lot of new situations and a variety of things you may be uncertain about. You might have been thinking about whether or not to hire a Cary small business lawyer during the beginning stages of opening your business. Here, you’ll find a few ways our lawyer can help you.
Incorporating your company is the process that makes your small business just that, a business. Incorporation makes the company a business and not an addition of your personal finances.
Hiring a lawyer to help you with this legal process is a great way to ensure you are properly filing for the right business formation. There are various types of business entities you may choose from. In addition, paperwork and the overall process can be difficult to navigate without help from an incorporation lawyer. If your business isn’t incorporated it may be considered to be a sole proprietorship or general partnership. If you’d like to talk about your business’s current status or learn more about the type of business entity you should form contact our Cary small business lawyer.
Partnerships are created when two or more individuals start a business together. A small business partnership binds individuals together legally so that each party is responsible for the business’s core success and growth. The business should be built together with all parties having a part in the well- being of the company. All partnerships should have an agreement that helps each individual uphold their part of the business venture. A partnership agreement can be drafted by a small business lawyer to ensure all parties involved understand what the partnership should include. Working with a lawyer in creating a partnership agreement can help eliminate issues or loopholes.
There are many reasons why you should consult a lawyer as a new business owner. From incorporating the business to partnership agreements and more, our law firm is here to help you with your new and exciting venture. To learn more about why you might consider hiring a Cary small business lawyer head over to our next blog post.
Consult our Cary small business lawyer on the different types of business entities before making any decisions on your own. We know it can be overwhelming to make decisions for your new business. If you have any questions or would like to meet with us about partnerships or incorporation, please feel free to contact us today. We can help you make the right decision for your business. Don’t take the risk of choosing the wrong business entity. Let us help. Call now.

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