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Small Business Contracts and Agreements, Part Two

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about contracts and agreements and why they’re important for small businesses. It can be difficult to understand these on your own. That’s why our small business lawyer in Raleigh NC is here to help. Today, we are going to talk more about contracts. At any point during this article, feel free to contact us to discuss this topic further.
There are two basic types of contracts. These contracts are used for many different reasons.

  • A unilateral contract or agreement is a promise to pay or give other consideration in return for actual performance.
  • A bilateral contract or agreement is one in which a promise is exchanged for a promise.
  • Both are contracts and have the same legal obligations.

Contracts are used to ensure agreements hold up in court without any issues. Without a contract, an agreement can’t be proven in a court of law easily. Legalizing an agreement with a contract helps to ensure your agreement won’t be breached. If you're in need of a contract and/or agreement advice or need to have a contract or agreement written up for you, please contact us today. Our small business lawyer in Raleigh NC can advise you to help make sure your legal contract is written properly. We will also help to make sure it protects you and your business accordingly.
If you missed our previous blog, check back here for more information. Also be sure to visit our next blog as well. We will have more information there.
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