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Tangible Assets

Have you ever thought about what type of items you might consider to add to your will when estate planning in Raleigh NC? If so, chances are you aren't sure what items to include. Today, we are going to talk about tangible assets that should be considered when creating a will.
Assets that can be touched are considered tangible assets. They are valued, physical items that are valuable to you. They might also be of value to a loved one, business or organization.
Individuals who are currently estate planning in Raleigh NC might find the following list helpful when deciding what should be considered an asset.

Tangible Assets | Estate Planning Raleigh NC

Tangible assets should be included within a will. Estate planning includes everything that is considered an asset. Below, you’ll find a list of tangible assets that might be both common and uncommon. Remember, the reason for this list is to help you better understand what can be included within your overall list of assets.

  • Warrants
  • Time deposits
  • State and/or local government securities
  • Share of funds from governmental investment accounts or pools
  • Savings accounts
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Notes receivables
  • Mutual funds
  • Mortgages (receivable)
  • Money market funds
  • Marketable securities
  • Marketable equity securities
  • Loans to members of insurance trusts systems
  • Loans receivables
  • Land
  • Inventory
  • Guaranteed investment accounts
  • Federal treasury notes
  • Federal agency securities
  • Equipment
  • Debentures held
  • Corporate stock
  • Corporate bonds
  • Commercial paper
  • Certificates of deposit or CDs
  • Cash on hand
  • Cash on deposit
  • Buildings
  • "Restricted" cash and investments

Remember, these items are tangible and can be physically touched. Below, you'll find a list of personal assets that are both physical and non-physical:

Personal Assets | Estate Planning Raleigh NC
  • Savings account
  • Retirement account
  • Jewelry
  • Investment accounts
  • Collectibles Electronics Insurance
  • Checking account
  • Automobile
  • Artwork

In our next blog, we will further discuss intangible assets. These are items that are non-physical and cannot be touched. Be sure to stay tuned.

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