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The Basics of Estate Planning, Part Five

We are back with more information for you in this series of blog posts that cover the basics of estate planning. Our lawyer in Raleigh has broken down each aspect of a plan so that you won't miss anything while you estate plan.
An estate plan should include several types of documents. A last will and testament is just one important part. In addition to this, there should also be a power of attorney. There are two types of powers of attorney that you may want to consider, as well. A health care power of attorney documents your wishes for future healthcare in the event that you were incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself. You’ll be able to appoint a healthcare power of attorney to make the decisions on your behalf.
A financial power of attorney is also something you may want to consider. Just as a healthcare power of attorney would, a financial power of attorney will be able to make financial decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated at some point.
Guardianship is another part of an estate plan that you can include. As we age, we begin to need more care and possibly someone to care for us over an extended period of time. Appointing a guardian can make sure that your wishes are documented and carried out even if you are unable to verbally express them in the event that you become incapacitated or unable to make your own decisions. Our lawyer in Raleigh NC can help you get your choice for guardian documented in the event that it is needed.
We hope this information will help you get started on things to consider while you start estate planning. Be sure to visit back with us soon for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our estate lawyer today.
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