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The Probate Process for an Invalid Will, Part One

Having a valid will at the time of your death can be very helpful for your family and loved ones. Not updating your estate plan throughout your life to reflect changes and life situations can result in the court deeming your plan invalid and unusable. If you haven't updated your will lately, contact our lawyer in Cary NC for help.
In our previous blogs, our lawyer in Cary NC talked about what happens when someone dies without a will. Today, we will discuss the probate process for a will that is deemed invalid.
If there is an invalid will at the time of death, the court may choose the person selected as the executor when the will was written or someone else. This may be determined in the initial stages of the first hearing.
When there is an invalid will in place, the first steps in this process leaves the appointed personal representative filing documents with the probate court. The documentation may include a death certificate, a list of all surviving family, beneficiaries, and a list of belongings. These things may have been listed in the original will with the exception of a few changes.
To learn more, head over to our next blog post. There will be additional information there that can be used to help you gain insight into why having a valid will at time of death is important. Also be sure to contact our lawyer in Cary NC if you have any questions.
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