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The Termination of Relationships and Ancillary Matters Part 2: Annulment

Welcome back! As we mentioned in our previous blog post, ending a marriage, legally, can happen two different ways - divorce and annulment. These two ways to terminate a relationship are not the same. They are granted under very different circumstances. Today, we are going to discuss annulment.
Divorce Lawyer in Raleigh NC | Annulment
An annulment is a legal way to cancel a valid marriage between two individuals. Essentially, annulling a marriage legally erases a valid marriage, declaring that the union never existed, technically.
Annulments can be initiated by either party in a marriage. However, there must be proof that there are grounds for a legal annulment. Otherwise, the court will not consider the union null and void. There are several different valid reasons why an annulment would be granted by a court of law:
Underage Marriage - Those that are too young to marry and did not receive parental consent before the marriage are eligible for an annulment.
Mental Incapacity - When either spouse is unable to make an informed consent due to mental incapacity or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of a legal marriage, an annulment can be granted.
Mental Illness - Those that are emotionally disturbed or mentally ill at the time of marriage can file for an annulment.
Marriage Prohibited By Law - Due to marriages that involve familial relationships that are considered incestuous, an annulment can be granted.
Inability to Consummate Marriage - Those that are physically incapable of or impotent in the matter of sexual relations during the marriage are eligible for an annulment.
Fraud - When misrepresentations or lies are formed as a basis of the marriage, the spouse that agreed to the misrepresented marriage may file for an annulment.
Forced Consent - If one spouse is forced into or threatened into a legal marriage the annulment may be granted.
Bigamy - If an individual is already legally married to one person and then enters into marriage with another, an annulment may be granted.
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