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Things to Consider Before Divorce – Part 2

The dissolution of a marital union, also referred to as divorce, is becoming more common now than it ever has been in past years. While there was a decline in divorce in 2009, it was short lived, and the divorce rate is rising once again. Currently, there are around one million divorces each year in the United States alone.
While divorce is a personal choice between both spouses and a decision that only couples can make for themselves, there are a few things to consider, before deciding to divorce. Our Raleigh divorce lawyer has a few tips that might help you through this difficult time.

Considering a Divorce | Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

Do you think therapy can fix your marriage? Unfortunately, nothing can “fix” a marriage unless both parties are willing to come to a mutual agreement and move forward from their issues without looking back. Many couples aren’t able to do that; even with therapy. A counselor won’t fix your marriage, but they can help you work through issues that you may have felt were impossible to resolve. They can talk with you and your spouse, open up each problem and talk through it until an understanding is reached. This can only happen if both parties are willing to do so.
Are the stresses of life causing my marriage to fail? Often, adults are stressed with jobs or kids to the point that it becomes overwhelming. The stress shows through in every aspect of life, to the point that loved ones see the stress and realize how bad it is.
On top of personal stress, there are many issues that can cause stress in a marriage, as well. Infertility, miscarriage, unemployment or financial struggles can cause serious problems in a marriage because the stress of the situation is too difficult to handle. Instead of working together to face problems as these, couples tend to pull away from one another.
Divorce, in many instances, seems like the only answer to these problems. Before deciding to divorce, consider working through these problems. When they’re closely considered, these problems could be issues whether you’re married or not. Is the stress of the situation worth ending a marriage over? Will the problems disappear once the attorney in Raleigh NC files the divorce papers?
These situations might also be best faced with therapy. Grief, loss and other emotional issues can be hard to face alone. Consider therapy to help you both learn how to handle the situation that is causing you to drift away from one another.
In our next blog post, we will discuss more about divorce and all the things you should consider before meeting with an lawyer in Raleigh NC, to get the divorce started. Also be sure to visit our other blog posts in this series, as well:

Divorce can be a sad and stressful time in your life. It’s also something you shouldn't have to face alone. Consider contacting Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, to speak with our Raleigh divorce lawyer about the divorce that you are considering. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will set up a consultation to help you with your needs. Also contact us to schedule a consultation if you need help with estate planning trademarking, copyrighting, DWI issues or any other legal matter you might be facing.

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