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Tips for Hiring a Lawyer, Part Three

Hiring a lawyer could be seen as important as choosing a doctor. Both are licensed trained professionals who offer services to make sure you are in the best shape, whether physically or in the case of a lawyer, legally and financially. A doctor keeps you healthy, while a lawyer can help keep your legal issues on the right track, as well as help you with estate planning in Cary NC.

Hiring a Lawyer | Estate Planning in Cary NC

In this four part series we are giving you some tips on how to choose a lawyer. We covered the basics of finding a lawyer, which is as easy as calling us Eldreth Law Firm. We offer legal services such as business law, estate planning in Cary NC, elder law as well as help with DWI and DUI issues. We serve the Cary area.
The services you need from a lawyer can vary from help with estate planning to representation for traffic violations to help with your small business. No matter how big or small your need is, it is important to work with someone you trust and feel comfortable with because in some cases you’ll be talking about personal things such as finances.
Once you have found an attorney that you want to hire, you will probably want to know about fees. Do not be shy about asking how and when they expect payment for their services. They may have different pay structures such as the following:

  • Hourly Rate – Many lawyers bill by the hour, and when travel is necessary they may bill by the day.
  • Flat Fee – If you only need help with a document or want a lawyer to review a contract or close a loan, he or she may charge a flat fee because it is more of a one-time service.
  • Monthly Retainer – People who have ongoing or multiple cases or issues that need a lawyer may want a monthly fee that allows them to get advice or representation at any time, upon the availability of the attorney.
  • Contingent Fee – If a lawyer is working on a lawsuit, he or she may agree to work on a contingency basis. What this means for the client is that if the case is ruled in their favor, the lawyer gets part of the financial proceeds, which can be up to 40 percent. If the lawyer does not win the case, then the client only has to pay out of pocket expenses.

Be sure to visit back with our final blog post in this series. We will will have a few final tips for you to use when searching for a great lawyer.
For more information, contact our office. We can help with estate planning in Cary NC, business law, guardianship and more.
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