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Trademark Class 35

The purpose of registering a trademark is to obtain the exclusive right to use name, logo, or slogan of your business, at least in your geographic area. The area of your use may be local, state, federal, or international and our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC can help you determine how for your rights will extend to make sure we file the correct application.

When we register a mark for you, we will advise you on the class of goods or services where your mark best fits. While it is possible to file is all classes of goods and services, it is unlikely that you will need to and unlikely that you will want to pay the filing fee for every single class of goods and services.

Before our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC files the initial application, we’ll help you narrow down the class selection and choose one or more classes that best cover your business. Those are classes in which you currently offer goods or services, and those classes that you actually intend to offer your goods and services.

The Nice Agreement has defined the class system that is used by the USPTO and by many other nations around the world. (Standardization is key). This system features 34 goods categories and 11 services categories, for a total of 45 categories.

One popular example is Trademark Class 35. This class is a service category that includes business services. But beware filing in business services just because you have a business. Our clients range from candle companies to professional services, to technology and intellectual property developers. Each and every one of them is a business. A new user of the USPTO may be enticed to register in class 35 because they are a business, but may miss that there are other classes that are more specifically defined to include candle production, professional services, and the various forms of technology.

Class 35 is somewhat of a catch all, but it may be too general for your needs. Most of the included services help with carrying out, managing, or advertising a commercial or industrial enterprise. Consider that if the clients of your business are other businesses and you offer services such as retail store service, accounting, advertising, human resources, and other such support services, then class 35 may be for you. If you primarily serve end users, let’s steer away from class 35.

To learn more about class 35 or to determine if it's right for you, be sure to contact our law firm today and speak with our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC.

To receive help registering your potential trademark, and ensure that another party is not already using your mark, contact our law firm today. Our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC can help answer questions, get your logo registered, and more.

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