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Understanding Adult Guardianship, Part Two

Welcome back. In our previous blog, our estate lawyer in Cary NC began discussing adult guardianship and when it might be needed. Below, you'll find more detailed information that goes along with it. If you have questions while reading, be sure to contact our office or make an appointment to come in and have a consultation.

Adult Guardianship | Estate Lawyer in Cary  NC

In the case of mental disability, guardianship may be sought when the person turns 18 and is considered an adult by law, but may not be able to care for himself. There have been some cases where the disabled person wanted to have some independence, so the guardianship that was appointed was limited to overseeing certain decisions so that the ward could retain a sense of control over his life.
When someone suffers a brain injury or stroke that affects his mental capacities, it can be necessary to have a guardian appointed to manage certain affairs, such as finances, investments, and property. It is important that someone is able to take care of these matters because there may be bills to pay and investments or real estate to update so that they will not lose their value.
In either case, the guardian is only appointed authority over the areas the ward is not able to manage. It may include personal and financial matters, but it may only be over some areas of his life. The guardian is not expected to watch over the ward 24 hours a day, but he or she should be available to step in when the ward needs help making a decision or to give consent when the ward is not able to do so.
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