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Updating Your Estate Plan After A Custody Battle, Continued.

Estate planning after a child custody battle or divorce is difficult. There are many different things to reconsider after the final  court rulings are made. Below, you'll find more tips that should help you update your plan after this happens.

Estate Planning After Child Custody | Child Custody Lawyer in Raleigh NC

If you don’t want your ex-spouse or other parent of your child to gain full custody after you die, you might want to state the reasons why in your will. Go into detail and provide examples that explain your reasons. Also document times where you’ve seen the other parent do unfit things. Include court records, police reports or other documents that show they’re unfit.
As we mentioned in our previous post, this situation is very tricky and can be complicated and difficult. The best procedure is to to consult with a child custody lawyer in lawyer in Raleigh NC, and also with an estate lawyer.
Our child custody lawyer in Raleigh NC is here to help you, should you be facing an upcoming custody battle. We will work with you during this difficult time of deciding what's best for your children. Contact us anytime to schedule a meeting.
Even if you are happily married, choosing a guardian for your children is hard. It’s sad and difficult to think about. Doing so will be overwhelming but it will also ensure that your children will be taken care of should both you and your spouse pass in an untimely death.
Do you need help with a child custody battle or estate planning transitions? Feel free to contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC for help. We are here to help you through this time of estate planning. For more information or to ask questions, contact our child custody lawyer in Raleigh NC, today.
If you need help with any of the custody information above or are considering a divorce and need help, contact our attorney in Raleigh, today. We will set up a consultation with you to talk more about your options.

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