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What is a Guardian? Part Two

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about guardians and instances where you might need one. Sometimes, a minor may have biological parents, but they have to share the rights they have with the guardian.  This occurs in cases when the parent cannot provide for the child, or needs temporary help.

Guardianship | Lawyer in Cary NC

When the ward is an adult who is unable to care for himself due to age or mental disability or incapacity, the guardian is responsible for making decisions on his behalf, such as where he will live, how he will be cared for, what medical procedures are acceptable, and how to manage his finances.

Guardianship For Children

Someone who is thinking of asking another person to become guardian of their child should consider the following questions when making the decision.

  • Where does the guardian live? Will your child have to move?
  • How is the relationship between the potential guardian and your child now?
  • How does your child get along with the rest of his or her immediate family?
  • Is the person you want to ask emotionally, physically and financially capable of caring for your child?

We hope this information helps you with estate planning. Our lawyer in Cary NC is here to help in any way so contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.
If you need help better understanding a guardian feel free to contact us. Also, consider making an appointment with us, soon, to update your estate plan with your choice for guardian.
To learn more about guardianship, be sure to visit back with our next blog post, as well. Our lawyer in Cary NC will have more details to help you understand this type of caretaker.

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