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What Is a Guardian? Part One

Legal guardians are assigned to be the caretaker for a child, incapacitated senior, or disabled adult. It is the guardian’s responsibility to take care of the best interests of the individual, who is also referred to as a ward. Today, our lawyer in Cary NC is going to talk about this type of caretaker, in detail.

Guardianship | Lawyer in Cary NC

The most common case of legal guardianship is of a minor. The guardian acts as the primary caregiver of the ward. He or she must provide a home, food, and clothing for the child as well as take responsibility for the child’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. He or she ultimately acts as the ward’s parent.
If the minor has financial assets left by his or her parent, it is up to the guardian to manage them until the funds run out, the minor turns 18, or as described in the will.
In some cases, the guardian will have been selected by the ward’s parent before he or she became incapacitated or died. Legal guardianship can be outlined in the parent’s will.
If you need help better understanding a guardian feel free to contact us. Also, consider making an appointment with us, soon, to update your estate plan with your choice for guardian.
To learn more about guardianship, be sure to visit back with our next blog post, as well. Our lawyer in Cary NC will have more details to help you understand this type of caretaker.

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