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A Detailed Look at a Last Will & Testament

Wills Lawyer Raleigh NC: A Detailed Look at a Last Will and Testament

A Last Will & Testament is a legal document that states how an individual would like their assets dispersed after death. An estate can include vehicles, investments, collectibles, real estate, stocks, and bank accounts. Essentially, any possessions can be considered part of the estate. In previous posts our wills lawyer in Raleigh NC has talked in detail about estate planning and how important it is here and here.
Today, we are going to focus in a bit more detail on the Last Will and Testament. In order for your estate to be distributed accordingly, you should have a Last Will and Testament. If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, the state will dictate how to allocate your assets and liabilities.
When it is time to put your estate plan into action after your death your estate will go into probate. The first step of probate is to determine whether or not your Last Will and Testament is valid.
If you’d like to read more about the probate process and what it is, you can visit back, here. Also, if you have any questions about the probate process or wills lawyer in Raleigh NC, in general, feel free to contact us anytime!
There are several parts to the process for verifying that the Last Will and Testament was drafted, completed, and signed with intent.
To take a further look at how your Last Will and Testament should be completed, visit back with us on our next post. We will talk more about how a Last Will and Testament becomes valid after it’s been drafted, completed, signed, and then brought to the court and entered into probate.
Also, if you have any questions about the estate planning process, or think that it’s time for you to begin the estate planning process for yourself, contact our wills lawyer in Raleigh NC, soon! We can walk with you, every step of the way.

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