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Wrongful Termination Laws and Information

Wrongful termination is a legal issue that various state and federal laws do not allow. Below, you will find information on wrongful termination from our lawyer in Raleigh NC.

Wrongful Termination | Lawyer Raleigh NC

Discrimination is something that is not tolerated within the workplace. Federal law states that employers cannot terminate an employee because of their disability, religion, age, national origin, gender or other things like medical conditions, pregnancy or childbirth.
Some states have other reasons for inability to terminate for discrimination reasons. However, those protected classes are by state and should be talked about with a lawyer or human resources department.
In addition, some states include sexual orientation as part of a protected class. However, not every state has this law in effect as discrimination in wrongful termination. Need help better understand this? Contact our lawyer in Raleigh NC.
Retaliation is also another type of wrongful termination that is protected by federal and state laws. If an ex-employee chooses to retaliate over a discrimination claim, this is something that may end up in court. Again, this information Aries, state to state.
Another wrongful termination law lies within a lie detector test. Employees may not be required to take a lie detector test. They are protected under the employee polygraph protection act. Employers cannot force an employee to take a test and they cannot fire them for not taking one.
Alien statuses also have a place in wrongful termination lawsuit. The Immigration Reform and Control Act offers federal protection for employees when it comes to termination due to alien status. If an employee is legally able to work within the United States, they cannot be terminated for being an immigrant to the United States.
We hope this information helps you understand wrongful termination and the laws that protect you as an employee. To learn more or ask questions, contact our lawyer in Raleigh NC

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