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Copyright Infringement

Have you heard the song "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus? If so, did you notice that it seemed similar to another song? In 2019, Flourgon (given name, Michael May), a singer in the reggae genre filed a lawsuit against the pop star. The suit was for copyright infringement due to lyrics being similar to those found in his song "We Run Things" which was written in 1988.

Cyrus was sued for 300 million dollars over the lyrics in the 2013 song. However, after consideration by the court and Cyrus, the pop star settled.

"We run things, things no run we,” seems to be a popular saying for Jamaicans though May claims that he coined the phrase in his song. The court used this and the Copyright Act of 1976 and Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service to determine the outcome of this.

Copyright infringement is a serious issue that can lead to a lawsuit. If you're worried that you may be copyrighting or have been a victim of copyright issues, contact our lawyer in Raleigh NC today. We can help. Here, you'll find more information about copyright.

The U.S. Copyright Office lists the following as works that can be protected:

  • Literary works
  • Musical works, including any accompanying words
  • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  • Pantomimes and choreographic works
  • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  • Sound recordings
  • Architectural works

The categories are broad and can include novels, plays, poetry and, as we see above, song lyrics, as well as the music. 

If you’re worried about whether or not you need a Raleigh copyright lawyer, consider scheduling a consultation at our law office. The attorneys at Eldreth Law Firm will be more than happy to sit down with you to answer any questions you may have about certain legal issues or overall copyrighting information.

Sometimes, a situation might require immediate action. In this case, you should consider having a lawyer on retainer. For those times, having a current relationship with an attorney is key. Call now to learn more about how we can help you with this, as well.
Also, remember that our law office offers various other types of legal services for you as well. Whether it’s entertainment law, small business law or others, we are available to help you through your legal situation.

Eldreth Law Firm | Raleigh Copyright Lawyer

Hiring a Raleigh copyright lawyer is, after all, up to you. But, if you choose to talk with one of our attorneys feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help you. Call now to learn more.

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