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Entertainment Lawyer Raleigh NC: NC Tax Credit Incentive for Film Makers

Entertainment Lawyer Raleigh NC: NOW is the time to make a film!

Are you a film maker looking to make a film in 2013? If so, now might be the time to do it. According to a North Carolina state law, any production company that films in the North Carolina area could claim up to a 25 percent tax credit, up to twenty million dollars, if film makers spend more than two hundred and fifty dollars on items purchased in North Carolina. If you are interested in this particular tax incentive and might need advice on how to claim it, visit for more information on entertainment lawyers in Raleigh, NC.
Although the tax credit incentive impossible to pass up, only about fifty one million dollars in rebates have been claimed by productions, to date. There are film makers that have not filed their 2012 tax returns, according to the N.C. Film Office Director.
Based on North Carolina’s fiscal calendar, the tax credit report only takes into account data gathered from film makers that submitted paperwork after filming wrapped. Once all North Carolina productions have been accounted for, The N.C. Film Office assumes that the total spending for the 2012 calendar year should meet the their previous projections of up to $376 million.
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