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How Do You Make Sure That Your Last Will & Testament Will Be Valid?

Estate Lawyers in Raleigh NC Want to Help You Ensure That Your Last Will and Testament is Valid

In our last post, our estate lawyers in Raleigh NC began talking about Last Will and Testaments and how it’s important to ensure that they are valid. Today, we will continue reviewing the requirements in order for the court to deem it a valid Last Will and Testament.
Your Last Will and Testament should be  your intent at the time it is executed. In addition, you must have the mental capacity to understand and sign the document that you created. You should be aware of the estate plan, what it includes and how it is going to be distributed. Though no one wants to think about opportunists taking advantage of your estate, it is possible that it could happen. In fact and sadly all too often, people contact our office with these issues.
The Last Will & Testament should include your signature.  In most cases, your full legal name will be required as a signature on the document. As a primary concern, the court must determine that you signed your Last Will & Testament deliberately and liberally.
Placement of your signature can create a problem on your Last Will & Testament. If signed in the wrong place, the signature can be considered marginalized, and in some cases, the entire will might be deemed void. The signature should be placed at the correct place, unless otherwise noted by your jurisdiction. Proper placement is not the only requirement. The law has numerous requirements that are not known or realized by most non-attorneys. Failure to follow these rules may invalidate your Last Will and Testament. When meeting with your  estate  lawyers in Raleigh NC, you can go over the placement of the signature and other North Carolina requirements..
Though these requirements might seem a bit peculiar and not as important as the overall document itself, they are the most important part of your Last Will and Testament. Without these key details, your Last Will and Testament could be considered invalid and your loved ones may suffer as a result.
To ensure that your estate plan and Last Will and Testament has been drafted and completed properly, contact our estate lawyers in Raleigh NC,  at Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC. We are here to help you with your estate planning, from beginning to end.
Also, be sure to check back with us soon for some final ways to ensure that your Last Will and Testament is considered valid.

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