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Is Your Last Will & Testament Will a Valid Document?

Estate Lawyers Raleigh NC: Is Your Last Will and Testament a Valid Document?

Welcome back! Today our estate lawyers in Raleigh NC will talk about the final few things that need to take place before your Last Will and Testament is considered valid by a court of law.
In our last post we talked about the signature that is required to make the overall document valid. It’s important that proper signing procedures are followed.
In addition to your signature on the Last Will & Testament you also need to have two independent witnesses to sign, as well. The witnesses should not have any ties to your will or benefit from it in any way. In addition, the witnesses must be capable mentally and able to understand what it is they are witnessing.  They also must be the age of majority.
Last Will & Testaments should be signed by you, in the presence of your witnesses and a Notary Public. The witnesses, as well as the Notary Public help to ensure that you signed the Last Will and Testament freely, willingly, and knowingly. If there is reason to suspect that you are signing under any influence of something or someone else, or it is suspected that fraud might be taking place, the document may later be considered invalid.
Contacting estate lawyers in Raleigh NC to draft and execute your Last Will & Testament may be the best way to ensure that your Last Will & Testament will be valid. In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out the way you plan, these steps are essential. You should contact an attorney to ensure proper procedures are followed and that your Last Will and Testament remains valid.
Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC are estate lawyers in Raleigh NC that understand the benefits of pre-planning, such as the drafting and execution of your Last Will & Testament. If you are ready to talk with our estate planning attorney about starting the estate planning process, contact us.

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