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DWI lawyer Raleigh NC: DWI/DUI – A Serious Crime

Your Raleigh, NC DWI lawyer discusses DUI/DWI cases.

DWI, “DUI”, “Drunk Driving.” The outcome may have serious implications, however you refer drinking and driving. Should you find yourself charged with a DWI, contact Eldreth Law Firm today. A DWI lawyer Raleigh NC can help you today.
Often referred to as “Drunk Driving” or a DUI, a DWI may be charged against persons who are illegally operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or certain prescription medications.  Driving While Intoxicated is a serious crime and can lead to jail time. Just as upsetting, a DWI conviction often results in the loss of one’s driver’s license. Your DWI lawyer Raleigh NC will try his best to help fight your case in court.
Many considerations should be made if you are charged with a DWI. Visit our website here to see a list of things you need to bring with you when consulting your attorney in Raleigh NC. In most cases, it is imperative to hire a defense attorney when charged with a DWI. Trusting Eldreth Law Firm may greatly assist your defense against such charges.
Don’t get caught driving under the influence. But if you do get caught and charged, call an attorney in Raleigh NC as soon as possible.
Eldreth Law Firm will meet with you for a consultation at your request. Be better protected. Call us today.

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