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Understanding Different Forms of Intellectual Property, Part Two: Trademarks

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about intellectual property law and the different forms. In our previous blog,  we discussed copyright. To learn more, check back here.
Today, our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC will discuss the symbols, slogans, logos, colors, words, designs, and other things that a product or service can be identified with. These are considered a trademark. Trademarks can help distinguish a business, music band, or other organization from others.
In addition, trademarks can also represent a product or service, features of the product or service, or the manufacturers of the product or service. When a service is trademarked, a service mark is used to identify it. When something is trademarked, it can help protect the product or service and other things that have been registered as trademarked.
Registering a trademark is not required by law, but it is often a good idea. Those that would like to have trademarks registered can do so with the Patent and Trademark Office. This allows owners of the trademark to protect their product or service nationwide. Otherwise, common law trademarks are typical. These can be used in specific areas where the product or service is well known.
Common law trademarks include the symbols ℠ and ™. Registered trademarks have a symbol of ®. If you have or would like a registered trademark, they should be renewed periodically. Common law trademarks may be used for as long as they’re needed without renewal.
If you have any questions about trademarks or need to speak with our trademark lawyer in Raleigh NC about intellectual property contact our firm. Also, be sure to check with our next blog to learn more about IP law and the different forms of IP.

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