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Understanding Different Forms of Intellectual Property, Part Six: Joint Ventures

We are back to further discuss the different forms of intellectual property and how they may be protected by law. If you’re just joining us, this is just one installment of an entire series that covers all aspects of IP law. Be sure to check back for other articles that can help you better understand IP law.
Today, we will continue with joint ventures. Even if you aren’t familiar with this term, chances are, you understand what it means. A joint venture can include creating and marketing on a partnership basis. For example, you may choose to work with another individual or business to develop new products, boost sales of already created items, add value to your current company, or to market your products, creations, or other intellectual property.
Though this may seem like a great way to get your intellectual property noticed, it’s important to understand that partnerships of any kind should be protected with an agreement. A joint venture agreement can be created by our lawyer to help ensure all parties involved are protected.
In addition to a joint venture agreement, an operating agreement might also be a great option to consider as well. Our lawyer can help you with this. From protecting intellectual property to entering into a partnership through joint ventures, we can assist you so that you won’t be overwhelmed or concerned with the safety of your ideas, creations, or other intellectual property while working with another individual or business. Call us now to talk more about joint ventures.
In our next installment of this series, we will talk more about partnerships, including partnership agreements and why they may be considered part of IP law. Stay tuned for more.

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