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Ways to Protect Reality TV Concepts

Making sure your developing works and concepts in the TV and Film industry are protected can be worrisome for those with ideas that aren’t fully developed or are just being pitched to networks or production companies. However, there are several ways to make sure you won’t be in danger of having your works and ideas stolen. Intellectual property rights are important and our copyright lawyer in Cary NC can help you with copyrighting and other types of IP law that will protect your works.
Our lawyer can help you make sure your concepts for TV and film are protected throughout each stage of their development and into pitching them to production companies and networks. Here, you’ll find several ways we can help.
Some projects aren’t protected by copyright, though this form of protection is important and essential for many films and TV series. Reality TV ideas are not covered under copyright law. This can be troublesome to those who are working to pitch their ideas.
Unfortunately, projects that do not have a screenplay, such as reality TV, can be difficult to safeguard from infringement if there isn’t another type of protection in place. When a copyright won’t protect your work, there are other ways. Having an entertainment lawyer help you through these situations will be a great way to rest assured that you will be able to keep your works safe, no matter what type of TV show or film it is.
One of the ways you can protect your reality TV show idea is by having a contract signed by anyone who will be in contact with the project. This contract will outline your rights to protect your work. It should be signed by the producer, everyone involved with the production, and any other business partners and other people that could have been involved in the beginning stages of developing this project.
In addition, non-disclosure agreements can also be used. These are great for protecting the work as well as the producer when they submit the work for someone else to review.
When TV shows are being developed and pitched, there are a variety of people that should be included. This means the work will be subjected to several different parties for review. This is when infringement might be most worrisome. However, if the proper contracts and non-disclosure agreements are in place your work will be protected.
Submission releases are also something to think about when protecting your works and concepts. A submission release is different from a non-disclosure agreement but can work to the advantage of production companies and networks. They may have production companies sign this release to forgo the option to sue for an infringement at a later date. In this case, problems in the future when it comes to protecting your works can be an issue.
The best way to work around submission releases is to submit your works to an entertainment law firm. When a lawyer becomes involved, there will be a legal record of the work having been submitted to someone other than producers, networks, and production companies. This can help in avoiding issues in the future.
Sometimes, a trademark can help protect your idea for a reality TV show. This depends on a few different things and should be discussed with our lawyer.
If you would like to work with our law firm to ensure your works are protected from infringement, no matter what stage of development they are in, contact our copyright lawyer in Cary NC now. We can work with you to make sure you are protected. Call now to make an appointment to discuss your options.
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