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What Is Copyright Infringement? Part One

A copyright protects artistic works from being plagiarized or used without the original creator’s approval. It applies to literature, music, photographs, choreography and other artistic works. Note that ideas cannot be copyrighted. If you have an idea in your head for a story but never put it on paper, it is not considered a tangible work and cannot be protected under copyright law. Our copyright lawyer in Raleigh NC is here to talk more about this issue.

Copyright Infringement | Copyright Lawyer Raleigh NC

Copyright infringement is when someone uses an artistic work from someone else without getting permission. It can vary from outright theft of a work of art used for another purpose, or it can be a new work that appears to be heavily influenced by another established piece. In many cases, when people sue for copyright infringement the person accused claims that he or she did not realize what he or she was doing
Registered Copyrights | Copyright Lawyer Raleigh NC
A work that is written down or recorded can have an unregistered copyright, which gives the creator the right to reproduce, sell and perform or display the material. He or she could sue for an injunction if someone else appears to being using it. But, in order to bring a lawsuit for copyright infringement, the owner of the work should register it officially. Once it is registered, it can be designated as such with a circle R symbol. It gives the creator the exclusive rights and control over the works for his or her lifetime. It will not actually expire until 70 years after his or her death. Control over the work can be designated in a will like any other property. Need help registering a work? Contact our copyright lawyer in Raleigh NC for help. 
Once registered, the material becomes an official government record that is protected under the Federal Copyright Act, which are the laws that govern copyright infringement. The rights are the same as an unregistered copyright, which include the right to reproduce, copy or distribute the work, the right to create new works based on the old work and the right to perform or display the work.
We hope this information helps you better understand copyright infringement. To learn more, stay tuned. Our next blog will cover even more information about this matter.
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